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Treatment Philosophy

1) Restore

The initial phase of your journey involves returning to your baseline level. This means restoring your mobility, reducing your pain levels to a very manageable level, and regaining the ability to perform common movements essential for daily activities, such as pushing, pulling, squatting, hinging, lunging, and carrying. Think of this as resetting to a clean slate or factory default setting, preparing your body for further progress and improvement.

2) Rebuild

Once a baseline of mobility and pain is restored, the next step is to rebuild the strength and resiliency needed. Can your body handle various intensities of movement and activity? Does it also have the capacity to handle those intensities again and again?  All good things have a strong foundation. This is where we build it. 

3) Re-envision

What would you be doing if you didn't have to worry or be fearful about how your body would respond? What active goals would you set if the only thing separating you from them was time and effort? The process doesn't stop once pain stops, but instead is about getting to a place where you trust that your body can handle whatever you want to do. It's about re-envisioning what you are actually capable of. 

Training Philosophy

Visualize your body's ability to handle all that life throw's at us as a bucket waiting to be filled.

What if there was a way to manage its contents so it never spills over?


If an active lifestyle is deeply valuable to you, a framework on how to improve your capacity to handle it might be helpful. 

  Get a short PDF detailing that framework HERE 

What about the newsletter?

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Providing practical strategies and concepts to keep you training and playing hard in this game of life. 

Do I take insurance?

Embark Physio and Performance is an out of network provider and does not accept insurance. 

Your goals and care shouldn't be influenced by third parties who may not share your values and motives. With this approach, we're not restricted by visit caps, duration limits, authorizations, or specific treatment approvals. Instead, we focus on providing the best care plan tailored to your goals and your body's needs, not someone else's.

We do accept health savings accounts (HSA) and flexible savings accounts (FSA). 

Interested if hybrid rehab or remote coaching is right for you?

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