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Your goal is our goal. 
Nothing less. 

How Can I Help?

Hybrid 1:1 Rehab

1) 1:1 care

Every session. Every time. You deserve better than being passed between different therapists or being supervised by a tech your entire session. Your outcomes and experience are our sole focus. 

2) Clear Plan and Checkpoints

We believe in results. Through a thorough full-body assessment, we pinpoint the root cause of your issue. We then provide a clear roadmap from beginning to end to achieve your goals and ensure progress with frequent testing and re-testing.

3) Fitness Forward

This is not your typical run-of-the-mill clinic. The challenges of your goals await you. We'll make sure you are strong and resilient enough to meet them. 

4) Comprehensive Management

We blend in-person sessions with remote programming, fitting your care plan seamlessly into your life commitments. Our goal isn't just pain resolution; it's enabling you to return to your passions without constraints.

Remote Coaching

1) Guidance

Feel like you have the equipment and motivation, but just need help with the plan? This is for you. We will be there for every step of this journey.  

2) Independence

Life's busy, right? Asynchronous programming allows you to work on your time and schedule creating better consistency and sustainability. We're here for the long term change; not quick fixes. 

3) Bridge the Gap

Too often people exit their rehab journey as soon as pain goes away or insurance cuts them off. Then are shocked when they are back to square one later on. Let's instead think of using programming to resolve the root issue long-term versus counting visits. 

4) Communication

We are going to talk. A lot. Working remotely means that communication is the highest priority. Think of having a physical therapist in your back pocket to help troubleshoot all decisions and situations you'll encounter on this journey back to 100%. 

Who can I help?

Fitness and Sport Athletes

  • Crossfit

  • Weightlifting

  • Field sports

  • Court sports

Active Lifestyles

  • Runners

  • Hikers

  • Gym-goers

  • Group fitness 

Post-operative and chronic musculoskeletal pain

  • Those looking to get back to sports or lifting after surgery

  • Those that are fed up with living life in constant pain

Change the Story. Start Now. 


How do I get started?

Step 1: Book a free 30 minute call

Step 2: Discuss what you are looking to solve and how we can help best. 

Step 3: Embark on the journey to moving and feeling better



"Working with Zach changed how I think about what my body is capable of. Because of physical therapy, my pain levels decreased significantly and I became stronger than I've ever been."


"Zach has truly been the best. He has a genuine curiosity about his patients' injuries, goals, and recovery that make it very easy to trust him. 


"The progress made on my lower back is honestly phenomenal. I can walk long distances without too much trouble and I haven't thrown my back out playing basketball since I started. The fact I can even get relief in that area is astounding as it is a problem I have had for YEARS"

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